About Me

I live in Walkington, outside Beverley, East Yorkshire. I studied Art at the City of Leeds College with further specialization in Sculpture at York Art College.

My work is cast in Foundry Bronze or Bronze Resin, which are suitable for gardens interiors and public places. I use various types of clay to build up the sculpture, and I like to use very soft clay so that I can sketch within the clay creating movement and freshness to the piece. In my most recent work in stainless steel, I have tried to imply modernity and progress with a sense of togetherness and harmony.

Commisions and Exhibitions

I have done a wide variety of commissions for both public and private collections, and have exhibited in galleries including :

  • Sara Davenport Gallery - London.
  • Walker Gallery - Harrogate
  • Grape Lane Gallery – York
  • Beverley Art Gallery- Beverley
  • Ferens Gallery – Hull

I have been commissioned to do two life - size foundry bronzes, one of which was for a developer in the North of England, and the second in a private collection in Newmarket. I have produced work for the Deep in Hull and have done a 5ft plaque of a Farmers' Market for Tesco in Beverley, East Yorkshire.